Emma Goodwin Weight Loss Success Story

I wanted to lose weight because I was starting to feel depressed and ugly! When I was walking I could feel my body jiggling, when bending down it was hard to breathe and to reach things. My clothes and uniform were getting very tight and I did not want to buy the next size up.

When my husband proposed to me I knew I could not be the bride that I wanted to be. When I first started I was unsure about these products, if it was enough food and nutrition? By the end of the week, I was starting to feel full, so I kept dieting. My body was starting to change and I had loads more energy. I felt I was getting more confidence in myself. I felt happier. I did not think others were judging me. People were giving me compliments which were a new thing for me.

When I went to find my wedding dress I was relatively happy with my weight and size as I was on the diet for a while but I still needed to lose a bit more. I found the perfect dress which suited my figure and I actually had a small waist. This gave me more determination to stick to the lifestyle plan. By the end of my 3rd dress fitting, I felt amazing and so happy.

On the day of the wedding, I was worried I would not fit into my dress as it looked small, I had taken a deep breath and stepped into it. I was relieved that it fit perfectly. Everyone said how gorgeous and beautiful I looked.

Towards the end of the diet, I felt fabulous, my wedding dress fit perfectly, my uniform was baggy, I was 1 and 1/2 sizes down in clothes and I felt like the old me again, I could see it in my face. I could wear slim fitting clothes and not be ashamed. When I was at work a few of my colleagues said how well I looked. I am a healthcare assistant and my job keeps me very busy and on the go all the time, I found that I did not run out of breath so easily. My mood changed and my social life.

I have advised others to do this diet as it really works. I want to say a huge thank you to Slim &Save and to the staff for being very supportive!!!

Emma Goodwin