Emma Johnson Weight Loss Success Story

I have always struggled with my weight and have tried every diet going: Weight watchers, Slimming World, Lighter Life (for 1 week, didn’t taste nice and too expensive). I always lost weight and then went back to eating like I did before and regained the weight. I’ve always been quite fit and healthy and my weight never caused any issues but as I was approaching 40, I knew I needed to do something about it so I didn’t get any issues.

In 2013 I found Slim & Save via an internet search and saw the choice and great price so decided to try a months supply. I started my Slim & Save journey in January 2013 as I was approaching my 40th birthday (I didn’t want to be fat and 40!). I loved it and followed the Simplicity Plan and lost 4 stone, but in May 2013 after taking a couple of breaks for events and a holiday I lost my mojo and never got my head back into it.

Fast forward to 2017 and having made a life changing move from England to Malta and having re-gained 3 of those 4 stones, I decided that it was Slim & Save time again. Eating in Malta is very carb heavy as everywhere you go its pasta or pizza and a Pastizzi shop (pasties, pies and pastry), on every street corner.

My first hurdle was getting my products to Malta as S&S didn’t ship here but I found a local shipping firm that had a UK Hub that I could have my products sent to and then shipped to Malta in about a week. I started my new journey in mid May 2017 after my parents had been for a visit, I didn’t really tell my UK friends and family I was doing it as I thought it would be a nice surprise when I came over for a visit later in the year.

I was amazed how many lovely new flavours and products were available since I last did the plan in 2013, I followed the Lifestyle Plan this time round and I found it far easier as I felt I was still eating ‘real’ food, it also helped that I was now living in a hot country and on the whole wasn’t hungry and didn’t crave food, it also meant that I could sit and eat with my husband, he’s taken a liking to salad while I’ve been on plan and by eating more healthily he’s lost around 2 stone without really trying. I’ve always drunk a lot of water but found I needed even more with the hot temperatures so getting my water intake was never a problem.

I normally had a shake for breakfast and lunch, a chicken/cottage cheese/salmon/tuna salad with dressing of soy sauce and honey mixed together and a bar for supper. As I don’t like milk I used Skyr as an alternative and used this with a sugar free jelly as a snack or a sweet after a meal. I found that with the heat I preferred the shakes rather than the savoury meals and this was also easier if I was at work (or sunbathing on the beach on my days off).

Having lost 5 stone I’m loving all the shocked looks from friends that haven’t seen me for a while along with the compliments and encouragement from my husband and friends. I think one of my highlights was flying back to the UK and having loads of seatbelt spare when normally it only just fastens. I’m so happy to have lost 5 stone between mid-May and mid-December and having had a break over Christmas I’ve started again to complete my journey in 2018.

I find the support from S&S Staff via the website and the Facebook groups invaluable and encouraging, they have the best customer service and have helped massively when I needed different weights and measurements of the boxes for me to organise shipping. The Facebook support groups are fantastic, really helpful and supportive when you need advice and encouragement from other S &S-ers. I found reading the success stories and hints and tips were a great motivator and helped keep me on track. My advice to anyone would be make sure you drink plenty of water and use the support of S&S staff and other people on plan as this will help you along your journey.

Emma Johnson