Emma Robbins Weight Loss Success Story

I got to the point where it took several attempts to get on my horse, I was tired miserable and a size 22!

How was I going to shift this weight? I’d tried all the slimming tablets prescribed but they didn’t work and the usual slimming clubs they didn’t work either.

I spoke to my Doctor and he said if I gain one more stone I could have a band!

It was then I stumbled across Slim & Save and never looked back!

We all have reasons for the gain, mine was several reasons, the loss of my parents being one and the fact I love food being the other! I used to be able to eat anything and not gain “Used to” being the key I guess! I read all the information on their website about ketosis and decided it was for me.

My first lot of packs came and I joined the Facebook group and away I went 13lb’s in my first week, I was amazed!

I soon reached a size 20 then 18. I bought an incentive dress at a size 14 and I never got to wear it, as I was in a size 12 before I realised.

I had 4 weeks off for Christmas and I’ve been back on plan since just after the New Year and now only have another 9.5lbs to l