Emma Whiting Weight Loss Success Story

In 2011 I was probably at my heaviest. It was also the year of my wedding. Looking back now I wish I had held off my wedding until I had lost weight. However, it was still one of the best days of my life.

Even after the wedding I hadn’t really done any dieting, as I had tried a few times on different diets but none seemed to work and I could never stick at them.

After I had my second child I had developed a hernia as he was such a big baby (10lb 3oz!!!). In August 2012 I saw a consultant to have a hernia operation, but my BMI needed to be below 30 for them to even consider doing the surgery. At that point my BMI was around 35. I was given a very strict diet for a month.

It took me a while to get my head around dieting but I persevered and two months later my BMI was 30. I was put on the waiting list for surgery and told to eat healthy in the meantime. I had my surgery in January 2013 and at that point my BMI was 27 and I weighed about 11st 7lb.

After I had recovered from surgery I started finding it harder and harder to lose weight. This is when I found Slim and Save. A friend recommended giving it a go as she had been doing well on it. Becuase I had already lost weight I was unsure how easily I would lose the weight, but in 2months I managed to lose 2st and am now at a very happy weight of 9st 7lb!!

I was very impressed with the products on Slim and save and at no point did I feel I was getting bored of the meal packs and was loving the variety given with both the protein meals and the packs. I am now looking at trying to persuade my husband to have a renewel of vows later this year so I can wear another wedding dress and feel confident and pretty in it!!! (I am also hoping maybe he will have a go at slim and save before hand too :D)

Emma Whiting