Emma Wyndham Blake Weight Loss Success Story

It was a photobooth picture for a new passport that stirred me into action back in April 2014. I looked so old, tired, and unhappy. A colleague at work had just announced she was “going back” on her VLCD, and so I said I would do it too, so we could motivate each other. I tried her version for a month, but the expense was prohibitive, so I scouted around for an alternative and found Slim and Save.

I was immediately struck by how much better tasting the meals were, along with the online support in the Facebook group, so it was really easy – and convenient – to stick with it. My goal was originally 10 stone, but I reached this easily in just 5 months, and had packs to finish, so I kept going until they were all gone

My goal was to be a size 12 for my 50th birthday, but found I was in fact a size 10, so I had the best birthday I could possibly have hoped for.

I have been maintaining for a year now. I eat moderately, having what I want, but keeping to small portions and stopping when I feel I am getting full. I make sure I keep my metabolism ticking over by walking for 20 mins a day – even if it is just into town and back. I still order from SNS occasionally, because I love the Banoffee Porridge and do still like to have it for breakfast a couple of times a week!

I feel I am finally the person I was meant to be. I can finally wear what I want to wear, and I don’t feel I need to ‘hide’ my bum under tunic tops and long sweaters anymore. I know I am better to be around too, because I am happier and sunnier to know. I know there are a lot of people out there who are happy just as they are, even if that’s 3 or 4 stone overweight (or more). I just wasn’t one of them.

Slim and Save ‘released’ me. I would recommend the system to anyone who is feeling like I did in the early part of 2014.

Thank you Slim and Save x

Emma Wyndham Blake