Enid H Weight Loss Success Story

Like most people, I too was no stranger to the whole weight loss experience. I had lost 3.5 stone about 20 years ago, which took me over two and a half years to accomplish. I managed to keep the weight off for a good few years, but a few pregnancies, a miscarriage, three children and quite severe postnatal depression caused me to pile on the weight.

It took a few years for me to be mentally ready to tackle the problem. I started with the usual diet and exercise regime, but due to prolapse problems and resulting operations to put things right down below, I was no longer able to do my bootcamp sessions. My depression had also taken a turn for the worse because of all that.

After putting all the weight back on in less than three months that I had managed to lose it, with all that hard work over one and a half years, I had had enough!

The time was right… in my head I was finally ready to tackle it for good.

My friend and neighbour had done Slim & Save before with fantastic results, so this had tickled my curiosity. I decided to go for it and give this diet plan a go. We jokingly referred to it as The Dust Diet! lol.

I started S&S at the end of Jan 2019. The first week was quite tough, but once I got into the swing of things it was easy to follow. I quickly found my favourite packs, and doing the Lifestyle plan gave me the flexibility to eat dinner with my three young children and my husband. This did help greatly with keeping mealtimes “normal” which I wanted more than anything for my 8-year-old daughter and two 6-year-old sons.

During the six months on plan I have had four weekends off plan, for special celebrations and weekends away, but my strong will and stubbornness has helped me to get straight back on plan each time and kept me going. Also the fact that people around me started commenting on my weight loss, gave me a huge boost!

Now six months on and four stone down I couldn’t be happier having reached my goal weight, and more importantly a healthy BMI!

I started in a rather snug fitting size 20…and I’m now a size 12, going into size 10. I’m over the moon!

Thanks to my friend introducing me to S&S, all the support from the S&S team and everyone on the facebook support site, I am where I am today.

Thanks a million to you all!

And to others starting on their Slim & Save journey; You’ve got this…you can do this!

Enid H

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