Eryn Holding Weight Loss Success Story

I always loved food. Anything savoury and carb laden were my main weaknesses. No one could believe the massive quantities I could put away, however I used to do masses of exercise so I stayed fairly in shape. When I left school and home I didn’t have as much time for exercise and didn’t really know how to cook or look after myself food wise. It seemed simpler and cheaper to have a sharer sized bag of crisps instead of a proper meal. I have always been a bigger build than most of my friends but over the years I went from a curvy size 10 to a 12-14 then to a 14-16. When I fell pregnant I used it as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted in massive quantities! By the time I had my daughter I had put on two stone. I started trying to diet but being a busy working mum stuck in alone at night times it was just too tempting to live off takeaways and cheap junk food! Despite trying various weight loss programs nothing worked. I would lose half a stone or maybe a bit more in 6 weeks but by that point I would feel so deprived and miserable I would lose interest in the diet and binge, putting on even more weight. By the time my daughter was 2 I had reached a massive 17 stone! I then quit smoking and within a couple of months put on an additional 2 stone 10lb and weighed in at a whopping 18st 10lb!

I was completely miserable. Every day I woke up aching. My clothes were uncomfortable and as a size 20-22 I struggled to find anything that looked nice on me. I started cancelling nights out at the last minute because I would try on outfits and just cry. I had completely lost interest in relationships and isolated myself as much as possible. Walking down the street made my anxious because I didn’t want people to see me and was paranoid people were talking about me as I went past. I went from being a confident cheeky personality to hiding myself in shapeless black clothing and not daring to do anything that would put the spotlight on me. I was constantly making fat jokes about myself because I felt I had to get them in before anyone else said them! Even my LO started to laugh and say to people ‘mummy’s too fat to go down the slide’. I had no energy for my little girl and would avoid any doing anything too physical unless I absolutely had to! This meant I became pretty inefficient at work too.

Finally one day something just clicked for me. Seeing the scales put me at nearly 19 stone made me think ‘oh my god next thing I know it will be 20 stone, how the hell did I let it get this far?’ I knew I needed a strictly controlled plan and that I couldn’t waste another year or two of my life fighting my weight. So I looked into VLCD diets and found that Slim and Save was not only a bargain but had lots of choice and rave reviews on forums. So I ordered the my first pack and from then on my life changed!

I lost 17 lb in my first week and this more than gave me the motivation to continue! I had plenty of temptation thrown my way over the first few weeks, including lots of cake and party food at my daughters birthday party and nights out but I resisted and by the end of the first month I had found will power I never knew I had! I am now on my 16th week and have lost 6 stone and am a size 12 for the first time in over 3 years! I have still got a few stone to go but it has made a massive change to my life. Suddenly I feel like myself again! Everyone has noticed the change in me and every day I am complimented and congratulated on my achievement. I am no longer in pain, my confidence and self esteem have soared, and best of all I now have the energy to run around and play with my little girl. She calls me skinny mummy now! I have a whole new wardrobe and have thrown out all my ‘fat girl clothes’. Now I walk with my head held high and have started to feel comfortable in my own skin again. Slim and Save is the only diet that has ever worked for me, I just don’t get hungry! I resist temptation easily now and I have learned how to manage my comfort eating and found the strength and self-control to make better food decisions in the future. It’s early days but know I will NEVER EVER reach that weight again! It is so nice to recognise the person in the mirror again. Knowing that my weight loss has inspired several others to make lifestyle and weight changes has also been really positive. I am the happiest I have been for years so thank you Slim and Save!

Eryn Holding

Eryn Holding – iPad Mini Winner

Eryn Holding was also voted runner up of our iPad Mini contest which was held via Facebook in the summer of 2013

Eryn receiving her iPad Mini from Slim & Save’s Customer Care Manager Karen.