Fi Larbalestier Weight Loss Success Story

I’ve battled with my weight for a long time and never really lost the ‘baby’ weight when I had my daughter (she’s now 20 years old!) I was always a size 12-14 before i had children and got married but then everything went to pot! I ballooned to a size 24 and 17 stone.

I have struggled to get to 15 for about 7-8 years, then the turning point came in March when i went to a burlesque show, in full corset, stockings, boots etc! the photo was horrendous (to me anyway!)

I wanted to lose weight for Halloween as there is a big party for my dance class planned and didn’t want to do lipotrim (that stuff is vile and should be banned!) so i researched the internet for other meal replacements and came across Slim & Save.

The first week was good, and I lost 7lbs. over the course of 3 months I have lost 37 pounds in total and am now a size 16 at 12 stone – I’ve never felt so alive and its only going to get better as I head towards 10 stone and a weight/size I haven’t been since I was in my mid-20s! All thanks to Slim and Save and the support the facebook page has been to me and loads of others, and the posts of what to do with the various packs to liven meals up are such an inspiration!

Fi Larbalestier