Fiona Hassal Weight Loss Success Story

September 10th 2011 – today is the day, my sister in laws wedding. We’ve all been talking about nothing else for the last 18 months and it’s finally here. On goes the dress that I spent months looking for, and oh my god, I feel like the fattest person in the world! Great I have an hour and a half to rectify the mammoth mistake that is staring at me in the mirror. Of course, there is nothing I could do, so off I go to the wedding. Perfect venue, perfect weather, perfect bridal couple, perfect everything – and then there’s me!

I am sure we’ve all felt like that from time to time, but this time I actually felt embarrassed to be there. I felt like everyone was staring wondering how anyone could let themselves get like that. I am sure it was just me feeling that considering the fantastic friends and family I have and I have never felt anything but loved, but at 38 years of age I should not be feeling like this and so unhealthy.

So, I have to decide what I can do – go to the gym? How on earth can I go to the gym, I can barely get up a flight of stairs without being out of breath! I have to lose weight to enable me to go to the gym to lose weight…… back to square one!

A couple of months pass, and I am still considering my options, everything seems so hard, or so expensive, why can’t there be an option for me? Christmas, worst ever from the perspective that I feel constantly bloated, never seem comfortable. I’m either hungry or I’m bloated and feel like any minute I’m going to explode.

New Year, this is it Fiona, this is your time to sort yourself out. Do you want to be 40 with knees that are giving up on you and a back that constantly aches? So I sit down at the laptop looking for some inspiration and a simple solution, if there is any such thing. Google: Losing Weight, Diets, Diet Solutions, all the normal searches – and there it was…. SLIM AND SAVE. I read the website from the first word to the last, for someone that has tried every diet going over the last 20 years, those testimonials seemed too good to be true. What have I got to lose, I need to do something, and I’ll try it for a week and see what happens so I ordered a week’s supply to get me started…. Here goes!

09 January 2012, todays the day. It’s taken me long enough to get to this point, and if I’m not ready and motivated now, I never will be. So I take the plunge. The scales tell me what I had long since feared, thank goodness I’m doing something. So here I go waiting for the inevitable hunger…… waiting….. waiting…….waiting………

Now is not the time I’m going to tell you it’s easy, it’s not, but if you have the right mind set it’s also not hard. Eating is a state of mind, a habit we’ve developed over a period of time, years in my case. If I didn’t have crisps with my lunchtime sandwich or a pudding with my dinner I would be hungry later – wrong! So here I am waiting for the anticipated hunger to kick in, but wait a minute, I’m actually not hungry. Now I’m not sitting here at work wondering what I’m going to have for lunch from 11am, so I have more time to actually concentrate on work – could this really be better for me for more reasons than just losing weight????

So, first week over, none of the anticipated side effects materialised, no headaches or tiredness. In fact, I have more energy than I have had in years. Ok, so I’m going to the toilet what feels like once every 20 minutes, I’m sure it’s not quite that bad but it feels like it, but I can cope with that if it’s the worst side effect I’m going to get!!! Here goes, I’m standing in boots at exactly the same time as last week, wearing the same clothes hoping and praying that the week of watching the family eat while I have a chilli for my tea which is the portion size of my 6 month old niece’s dinner, has paid off. OMG! That can’t be right… but it is! I have lost way more than I could ever of imagined! To say I’m pleased is perhaps the understatement of the century. If that’s not going to keep me going, nothing will.

So off I go, week 2, week 3 & week 4 great results each week! This is fantastic. One problem, I miss socialising, I miss being in a restaurant. Diets are restrictive. I don’t want to sit in a restaurant and not join in. I like socialising, it’s who I am. Before I was always the one to order the extra portions or the extra bottle of wine – now I’d just be happy to be sat with friends in my favourite places. So I make a decision that I’m going to take control of this diet and ensure that I can stick to it by having treats. Its valentine’s day after all!

So there I am in my favourite restaurant with my husband. It’s like heaven. I chose the steak, swap the chunky chips for salad and it tastes like the best meal I’ve ever eaten. How can I have had a meal without carbs and enjoyed it so much? Hungry, not at all – feel full and great. Scales are going to tell me off though – nope, I still lost! Amazed!

It’s at that point I decide that if there is a birthday or a celebration I’m not going to miss out. I’m still alive, even though I’m on a diet – maybe that’s why I’ve always failed, I thought they were exclusive of each other. So once a week I have a meal, no carbs, but why do I need them? And the weight just keeps coming off.

So here I am, at goal weight and on top of the world. It’s been hard but to be honest life is for living and this diet has given me the best of both worlds. No I haven’t had alcohol and yes I have missed the days of a glass or two of rose, but not enough to stop doing the diet. Nando’s Mediterranean salad, TGI’s chicken wings and Wedge Salad are just some of my favourites.

I don’t feel like I have missed out during the few months of the diet, I genuinely feel like I have got my life back. I was unhealthy and embarrassed of myself, and now I feel healthy and people are saying how good I look. That’s not happened in years. Anyone that says they are not bothered about being complimented are lying, it’s great.

My only regret is that I didn’t know about this a year earlier – need a new set of wedding pictures for my sister in law. All I can say is that any weddings I get invited to now, you won’t need a wide screen lens to get me in the picture – and I may even be smiling!!

Good luck to anyone embarking on a diet, it’s not easy, but there are harder things in life, like carrying the weight of another person around every day of your life. Embrace the diet – you’ll get all the support you need from Karen and the team, they are amazing and their emails of support definitely helped and kept me going on bad days. Products are very tasty, support is fantastic and I feel a different person so go for it and change yourself too!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiona Hassall