Ginelle Ward Weight Loss Success Story

I had been overweight for around four years, it had been a gradual ‘creep’ on following some health issues and I had tried everything but could not lose any weight! I had tried other diet plans and watching calorie intake but nothing was shifting it! I was the biggest I had ever been and it really knocked my confidence. I dressed to cover up as opposed to being able to choose what I really wanted to wear and I decided enough was enough! I followed the Lifestyle plan throughout as I enjoyed being able to have a family meal and I enjoy cooking. The plan allowed me to have a much better idea of portion control – I bought some digital scales and weighed everything – something I will carry on with!

Being able to track inch loss on the website was essential for me – I was a ‘slow loser’ but seeing those inches come off even when the pounds took some time was invaluable! When I ever felt disheartened the Facebook Group was there for support and practical ideas – you never feel alone in your journey! I can honestly say now I am at goal weight, and for most of my weight loss time, my relationship with food has changed. Like many, I was an emotional eater, now I eat to fuel and nourish my body.

I plan to maintain on low carb, high good fats and moderate protein. That’s what works for me and my body. Gone are the sugar cravings, the late night carbs and I feel that for the first time in years I have control back over my body and how I look!

It may take some longer than others, try not compare – keep looking ahead and you WILL get there. I had a chalkboard with little circles signifying the pounds I had to lose in the kitchen. Each time I lost I coloured them in! My chalkboard now has 28 coloured circles! I have lost 38 inches across my body, my BMI is normal and I feel great! Thank you Slim & Save!

if you are thinking of giving this a try please do – it may just change you forever.