Greg Holman Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, I’m Greg and for years I have struggled with my weight. I was bullied at school because of my weight which led to a vicious circle of comfort eating and therefore putting on weight. This led to a downward spiral which carried on for a number of years. In the past I have tried my best to lose weight but haven’t succeeded – I would start a diet and then about two weeks later I would give up because I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. At Christmas time last year (2013) my confidence and state of mind was at an all time low – I was feeling quite flat most of the time to the point where I had to go and see my doctor for some help. The doctor asked me what was on my mind and at the time I really didn’t know what the problem was and I had to start a course of tablets to help me. All over Christmas I was mindful of how big I was getting and felt guilty even eating my Christmas dinner because I felt I needed to do something about my weight.

In January this year a colleague who is also a good friend said that she wanted to try and lose some weight and did some research into very low calorie diets. She started doing Slim & Save at the beginning of January and recommended it to me – I was skeptical at first but I couldn’t believe how wrong I was…… I started Slim & Save on 29th January 2014 and can honestly say that it was one of my best decisions I have made. The diet is so easy to follow and as I am doing mainly the simplicity plan, I don’t have to worry about making healthy meals as its all done for me! I have to say that the first few days I found difficult because I am used to eating rather large portions!! But once you are in Ketosis its amazing! I generally now don’t feel hungry or tired and on a few occasions I lose track of time and forget that I haven’t had my lunch yet etc. Some days I do get hungry but I only have to think about the great losses that I have seen to keep me on track. I also go onto the slim and save Facebook page every day to see how everyone is doing and seeing all the amazing before and after pictures is quite inspiring. What I also like is that it feels very much like the Slim & Save staff are there to support you – I know that if I have a question they are always there to help me.

Well nine weeks have passed by now and I’m very happy to say that I have dropped 3st 1lb – from 15st 10lb to 12st 9lb. I would ideally like to lose another few pounds but I am astounded at how quick the weight has fallen off. All of my larger sized clothes now hang off of me, and I have had to buy a new wardrobe of clothes! I am now feeling much more confident and feel like I am back to me now. I realise now that my state of mind last year was due to my weight gain, and I feel 100% better now. My fiancé has been inspired by my loss and has started her first day today so I wish her all the best with her weight loss journey too.

My advice for anyone who thinks they can’t do it – you can, you have to want to do it for yourself and be committed 100%. Stick with it and you will see a slimmer, healthier and no doubt happier you!

Thanks for reading,

Greg Holman