Haley H Weight Loss Success Story

Having completed this diet several years ago, the weight crept back on compliments of 3 pregnancies and bad choices. I knew something had to be done, yet still was on the path of self-destruction.

In April, I finally got the boot up the bum I so desperately needed – one of my closest friends announced she was getting married and wanted me to be her maid of honour… and the wedding will be in a year! Within 24hrs my packs had arrived and I commenced on simplicity plus. Within 12 weeks, I dropped down to 4 lifestyle days and 3 simplicity days to give me some normality and I felt like I had a better reign on things.

Haley H Before
Haley H After

It’s not always been easy, and some days were harder than others, but I’m eternally grateful for the good habits this diet has taught me & how happy and healthy I feel now in myself. I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 12/14 and want to stick here now.

Haley H