Hannah Smith Weight Loss Success Story

I looked down at my scales with tears in my eyes… how could I have let it get to this? At 21st 9lbs, I looked at my brand new newborn baby boy, and even though he was amazing and all the pregnancy had been worth it, I felt utterly miserable. How could I have let myself get this big??? The year previously, I had been a healthy 12st 7lbs, and had been enjoying going out with my friends and living the high life. I met my lovely fiance, and we decided to settle down and have a baby! I gave up smoking the month before trying to conceive, which saw me pile on at least a stone before I fell pregnant. Then through out the pregnancy I completely let myself go, I ate what I wanted even though I knew I shouldn’t. I am a midwife! So I knew what was healthy and what wasn’t and I still let anything I wanted pass my lips.

Now my newborn was here, and I was nearly TEN STONE heavier? How had I done that in a year??? My knees hurt when I got off the sofa. My fiance would ask if I wanted to go for a walk and I would dread it because I hated walking, everything just hurt so much, and I got out of breath so easily. My son was 4 months old, and it wasn’t until his christening, where I had a chance to look at the photos, that it really dawned on me how awful I looked. I KNEW I had to do something about it. If not for me, then for my son so I could be healthy and run around after him as he grows up. My lovely fiance loved me for me, so he didn’t mind, but I knew if I carried on I might not be around to see my grand kids 🙁

I was desperate to find a solution and get the weight off fast! That is when I came across slim & save! All the other VLCDs were so expensive, and s&s had such good reviews, I thought, why not? I am just gonna do it!

I started the following week and I NEVER looked back. It was so hard in the beginning, going from 5000 cals a day to 650 cals, but I did it and the results were amazing. In the first week I lost 11lbs and felt amazing! My knees stopped hurting in the first week! 3 weeks later I had lost 21lbs, and it was still falling off me! My partner commented on how I was walking quicker and keeping up with them, and I realised that I wasn’t getting out of breath anymore! I was getting healthy again 🙂 It was the most amazing feeling in the world!!

After 8 weeks I had lost a whopping 56lbs! 4 whole stone!! I looked and felt amazing! I couldn’t believe it I was so proud of myself, and I was telling everyone I could about slim&save, lots of my friends started to do it 🙂 My fiance started to find me more attractive again, and he even said to me… I can see the old you coming back! This gave me even more determination to carry on!

I had a little bit of a break for Christmas, and then I was back and ready to go! I felt more confident as the weight continued to drop off, and I got my hair highlighted and started to look in the mirror and feel pretty again! I am getting married in August and with the wedding getting closer and closer I knew I was going to feel amazing on my wedding day!

So far on my journey I have lost 98lbs in total!! a whopping 7 stone! and I am STILL going! I want to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 12st 7lbs, so I have about another 2 stone to go, but I know on slim&save I WILL get there 🙂 so proud of myself and so proud of the slim&save team for creating this amazing diet!!!! Thank you so much for making me happy again 🙂

Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith – iPad Mini Winner

Hannah Smith was also voted the winner of our iPad Mini contest which was held via Facebook in the summer of 2013

Hannah receiving her iPad Mini from Slim & Save’s Customer Care Manager Karen.