Heather Day Weight Loss Success Story

My weight has gone up and down quite a few times over the past 15 years but for the last 4 years I just couldn’t seem to lose it as easily has I had done in the past. I was stuck at 13 stone 1lb, which was the heaviest I’d ever been and at 5ft 5 that meant I was a size 14-16. I had tried numerous things: Slimming World, low carbing, personal trainers and various fad diets but nothing seemed to work quickly enough and I’d lose interest before seeing results.

I came across Slim & Save completely by chance when looking for Slim Fast on Amazon as I liked to have the shakes before breakfast and Tesco had stopped doing them. The Slim & Save taster pack came up as a recommended item so I ordered it. When it was delivered, I read through the booklet and decided that I wanted to do it properly so I waited until I had a week off work to start. I’m really pleased I did because the first week was really hard. I had a headache and I was really hungry for the first couple of days but I carried on and drank loads of water and decaf tea. I joined the Facebook group and the people on there were so lovely and encouraging which really helped me get through the first week. They also told me about the extra things allowed on plan like sugar free jelly and OXO cubes and that really helped with the hunger. Once I was in ketosis I felt so good and didn’t feel hungry at all. I loved most of the packs, there were only a couple of flavours that I didn’t like so I ordered a month’s worth and chose all my favourites. After the first week I had lost 11lbs so that really motivated me.

I mainly stuck to the Simplicity plan but there were a couple of occasions when I went out for a meal so I switched to a lifestyle day so I could have steak or chicken salad. I did light exercise at the gym but no more than I normally would because I didn’t want to burn off too many calories while only eating 700 a day. I also used the online meal planner which was really useful as sometimes I could fit in a few more things around the packs if I was hungry.

I somehow had a huge amount of willpower and I managed to stay on plan 100% for 14 weeks, not eating a single thing that I shouldn’t have. I think the fact that the weight came off so quickly kept me motivated and I loved the way my old dresses and jeans that I hadn’t worn in years fitted me again. I did the week 13 break and loved the fruit so much I found it really hard to give up again. I spent the whole of week 14 craving fruit so I was really pleased when I got to my goal weight at the end of it. I realised how much I love fruit and it has taught me to have fruit as a treat rather than cake.

I lost a total of 50lbs which has taken me down to 9st 7lbs and I’m now a size 10. I’ve still got loads of the packs left and I love the milkshakes and bars so much so that I’m going to continue to have them for breakfast to help me maintain my weight. I do really love food but I also really love the way my clothes look on me now so I’m going to try really hard to get the balance right and not put it all back on! I’m also getting loads of compliments from friends and family and loads of people are asking me for details of the diet so they can do it too. Slim & Save really has changed my life for the better and I’m so pleased I randomly came across it that day.

Heather Day