Helen W Weight Loss Success Story

I’ve decided to share my success story to reassure others that weight loss can be maintained while using slim and save.

After having my second son in summer 2019, I was my biggest ever weight at just under 13 stone (I’m 5’3 tall). I felt really frumpy and had no confidence to wear nice summer clothes.

Having used slim and save in the past, I decided to start again when my son was three months old. I initially stuck mainly to simplicity but later used lifestyle as well. The choice of products I found amazing. I never get sick of them!

Five months on I was down to 8st 6lb and a size 8. Everyone was asking my secret, and I told them all the same thing! Slim & Save! This was almost a year ago, and today I weigh exactly 8 stone 6lb still!

Some members may have heard comments from people they know saying they will re-gain all the weight after losing on VLCD. Of course, you have to be careful and can’t go back to old habits. I try to be sensible, and if I gain a few pounds on holiday or over Christmas I go back on S&S for a couple of weeks, the extra weight drops off in no time!

I know at the moment it’s hard to stay motivated in lockdown, but I can absolutely guarantee you will feel better sticking to plan and seeing the benefits! I wish everyone the best in their weight loss journey and find the confidence you deserve as you work towards your goals.

Helen W