Jackie Bird Weight Loss Success Story

I had originally done Slim & Save a few years ago and lost five stone (70lb/32kg). I managed to maintain my loss for a year and then fell pregnant with an S&S baby! During my pregnancy, I went back to old eating habits and didn’t watch what I ate. I planned to go back to Slim & Save once I had finished breastfeeding, so my bad eating continued for a following 2.5 years.

On the day I gave up breastfeeding I started Slim & Save and I never looked back. I haven’t lost the weight as quickly as I could have done as I choose to combine S&S with low carb eating to maintain my weight loss. I smashed my first goal which was to get to my pre-pregnancy weight of 13 stone and decided to set myself another target of 10 stone. Not sure if I will get there but for now I’m happy with my journey.

I will continue to use S&S products to maintain my losses. Slim & Save has taught me to fuel my body with the right foods and to control my portion size.

Jackie Bird