Jamie Byrne Weight Loss Success Story

Boredom eating made my weight go up to 11stone 7 pounds which is heavy for my 5 foot 3 inches small frame. I had always weighed around the 9 stone mark until I met my other half who sometimes works late. I would graze all evening till he got home and then have a ‘proper’ dinner even if I wasn’t hungry.

The weight went on quickly and I didn’t notice very much due to it being winter and wearing stretch jeans with oversize jumpers most of the time. My wake up call was buying new jeans and not being able to even pull them all the way up (I think my previous trousers must have stretched with me). The last time I had bought some was about three months previously so it hadn’t taken long.

A friend of mine had just joined slim and save so gave me a few packs to try out, two days later I ordered my months supply! The packs taste great and are really filling which is a bonus. I found the lifestyle worked better for me as it meant I still got to eat with my partner but by spacing my three packs and drinking plenty of water I didn’t need to snack. I will be honest and admit I fell off the wagon a few times but came back each time even more determined!

It’s now been about 6 months since I got down to 9’3 and I hover between 9’2 and 9’4 which I am happy with. I fit into all my size 10 clothes without a problem. As motivation I kept one pair of trousers that I wore at my biggest and if I feel like I need a nudge I try them on to make me see the difference. If my clothes start feeling a bit snug I have a few days of just packs and then go back to my healthy eating.

I still have a supply of packs which I use when I know I’m going to be busy and to use as part of the 5:2 diet. There are always new packs being added so I haven’t got bored of them either.

The Facebook page was a godsend for support and ideas and what to have whilst staying on plan. Even when someone just ‘likes’ your post it gives you a little boost. The staff are really helpful and supportive and private message if you need anything as are the long term members on the page.

For anyone thinking about it I would say just order the packs you’ve got nothing to lose but lbs! If you do fall off the wagon tomorrow is a new day so carry on like the blip never happened. This was one of the best decisions I have made and my confidence has soared thanks to slim and save.

Jamie ️xxx

P.s you can still find me on the facebook page as its really good even when maintaining as I know a few others have found.

Jamie Byrne