Joio H Weight Loss Success Story


I’ve always struggled with my weight since being a child up & down like a blinking yo-yo.

My sister Sarah ask if I wanted to do Slim & Save (on my 50th birthday, June this year) I said “I’m not doing any more diets/healthy eating, I’ve dieted half my life, I will just continue with my exercise“. She then said “come on Jo we can do it together“, so she twisted my arm (quite tightly lol) , I ordered my Starter pack there & then.

I started 29th June 20 (the week after my birthday).

I started on Simplicity but only managed 2 days as I felt I needed an evening meal with my family so switched to Lifestyle.

I absolutely love it , I make sure I always have a pack with me & some water (or a water bottle to fill).

I have a SNS pack for breakfast, one for lunch & an evening meal (stir fry) with my husband & son & my last SNS is always a frozen bar with a cup of tea before bed. xx

SNS has absolutely changed my life & the way I think about food, SNS has changed my portion sizes (as I’m greedy).

  • Thank you SNS
  • Thank you FB page for all your support
  • Thank you to my sister Sarah
  • Thank you to my husband & son
  • This is the new me
  • This is the new Jojo! xx

Jojo H