Judy K Weight Loss Success Story

Everyone’s journey is different, whether you have a lot to lose or just a stone. Slim & Save asked if I would share my story with you all, and initially, I felt I wouldn’t as my journey was small compared to a lot of you guys out there. But then I thought, why not? It’s a small journey, but it’s still a journey!

I became very sick nearly four years ago with asthma. I got divorced and moved to a new house, where, after several tests, I became aware that I was allergic to mould spores. My new bungalow was damp, and I was getting sicker and sicker. I was on endless courses of steroids and unable to walk just from the bedroom to the kitchen as my chest was so bad. (It’s a bungalow!) The weight piled on, and although my health improved after some changes in the home, the weight did not shift, and I was just getting bigger.

So at the beginning of this year, after trying to ‘be good and failing, I thought, new year, new me! My sister had just finished a similar plan and had lost four stone, so I felt inspired.

I’ve always been on the big side throughout my life and on one diet or another, slimming world, weight watchers, you know them all! But I can honestly say the Slim & Save diet has been the best! The support is always readily available, and the admin team so friendly and supportive. The packets and shakes are tasty and versatile and so easy when you just need to pick up your days’ meals as you leave the door.

I chose the lifestyle plan so I could enjoy an evening meal with my family. My new partner was so supportive and kept me on track. I would recommend this diet to anyone looking to lose just a stone or even 20. Just go for it!!

Judy K