Julie Knowles Weight Loss Success Story

Ok so my story will be quite a long one, but I will try to keep it as brief as possible!

I struggled with weight all my life, being an overweight child and teenager due to my love of naughty food. I hid how much I was eating and by the time I was 18, weighed 16 stone. A health scare prompted me to lose weight and in 10 months, through healthy and eating and exercise, I shed 6 stone.

I maintained this weight loss until the birth of my first child in 2008 when I was 26. I put on a lot of weight, but never had the chance to lose it as we fell pregnant within a couple of months. This was a total shock and within weeks I started piling on the pounds.

At our 20 week scan we were told that I had placenta Previa and that I must rest. This was nigh on impossible as we were also moving house. We temporarily lived with my parents so they helped looked after Kayla, my daughter.

When I was 24 weeks pregnant I felt a huge gush, thinking it was my waters. I had in fact had a huge bleed, while feeding my little girl breakfast. I spent the next five weeks bedridden in hospital, piling on the weight, very depressed and very ill. My son was born just over 10 weeks early and had to spend nine weeks in hospital before he could come home.

When he finally came home, I took to comfort eating. This was in July 2009. The weight piled on with the stress of giving Noah 16 doses of medication daily and trying to look after the new house and two children. It didn’t take long before I was back up to over 16 stone.

I decided to do something about it so embarked on a low carb diet. The weight started to fall off, but in December 2010, when I weighed just under 14 stone, we fell pregnant with child number 3.

Again the weight piled on, but this pregnancy was tinged with heartache. Not only were we told I had placenta Previa again (which thankfully moved) but at 28 weeks, my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given only a few weeks to live. This was in June 2011.

My world was shattered and it was My unborn baby who kept me going. The stress sent me into early labour, but thankfully the contractions stopped. Alfie was eventually born at just under 38 weeks via c section. He weighed over 9lb. I weighed a whopping 19 stone.

The weight didn’t come off quickly at all, largely due to comfort eating. I was juggling three children, a house, a husband and helping dad care for my mum. She eventually passed away on December 17th 2011, six months after her diagnosis, 4 days after my 30th birthday and a week before Christmas. She was given only six weeks. Her determination and strength was out of this world and I am so so proud of her. I now know she wanted to see my birthday and give me one last present, an engraved necklace of which I now have the words tattooed on me.

I decided enough was enough and set about losing the weight. I didn’t want my kids to lose me and I wanted to enjoy life again. I promised mum I would be happy and part of this would mean losing weight. I had shed a couple of stone before she passed, but I still had a long way to go.

I lost some weight through healthy eating, but it was hard with three little ones. I also did an other vlcd, but I found it hard to stick to due to the stringent rules and no tasty packs! Slim and save has helped me regain control of my eating habits and I am currently over six stone down.

I can now play with my kids and go to the shop without crying that nothing fits, or worrying about how disgusting I look. I still have a couple of stone to go and due to masses amount of loose skin, I have an arm lift booked in September. I am traveling to Prague alone to do this while my husband looks after the children. I am scared, but I have spent all summer wrapping up because my arms are grotesque. They are literally 3 sizes larger than my torso.

I hate myself for what I have done to my body over the years, but I am thankful and proud to finally have control of the situation. More important I am so happy I kept the promise to my mum, and I know she is somewhere looking down on me, proud of her daughter.

Slim and save has played a huge role in my diet journey and I am, for the first time, genuinely excited for my future. Thank you girls, this is down to you.

I know you have lots of worthwhile and deserving entries, but I would love the ipad to say thank you to to my husband for his support through everything. He has been one in a million through it all.

With regards to my photos, I don’t have any of me after Alfie was born due to how disgusting I looked at felt. This is one of my biggest regrets as I have no photos to document him with me. I couldn’t bear to have my photo taken so instead took a million of Alfie. Looking back, it is incredibly sad I felt this way. I have sent photos of me at the end of my pregnancy, but you get the idea!

Julie Knowles