Julie Knowles Weight Loss Success Story

Ok so my story will be quite a long one, but I will try to keep it as brief as possible!

I struggled with weight all my life, being an overweight child and teenager due to my love of naughty food. I hid how much I was eating and by the time I was 18, weighed 16 stone. A health scare prompted me to lose weight and in 10 months, through healthy and eating and exercise, I shed 6 stone.

I maintained this weight loss until the birth of my first child in 2008 when I was 26. I put on a lot of weight, but never had the chance to lose it as we fell pregnant within a couple of months. This was a total shock and within weeks I started piling on the pounds.

At our 20 week scan we were told that I had placenta Previa and that I must rest. This was nigh on impossible as we were also moving house. We temporarily lived with my parents so they helped looked after Kayla, my daughter.