Karen Porter Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, this has been an emotional journey for me, where do I begin. Last March, I became ill with heart issues, Angina and other health issues I thought I wasn’t going to be here for much longer, that’s how low and sick I felt. I was given numerous medications, which is when the weight gain began; my weight just went up and up. I felt so depressed with myself because never in my life been so heavy, even when pregnant. Being off work didn’t help; I went up to 17st 3lb from roughly 15st, which was still overweight for me. I was devastated with how heavy I was, I did eat healthy and exercise, but, I felt frumpy had a fat face, my clothes would hang off my stomach, which made me look pregnant. I never felt happy in the clothes I was wearing, and I felt uncomfortable and self-conscious about how I looked. I put on Facebook that I needed help to lose weight, and thankfully my good friend Christine messaged me about slim & Save as she had done the diet with great success previously and kept the weight off.

My journey began on the 9th of July 2018 was my first day of the diet on the simplicity plan which worked for me well I didn’t feel like I was missing out and could eat with my family and I don’t look back truthfully it wasn’t easy at the start especially the first week I’ve never been so hungry but in my head I kept saying I have to do this.

As the weeks went by and I could see the weight coming off and my clothes getting too big. I could see myself shrinking and starting to feel better in myself; I wasn’t out of breath going up the stairs or when doing chores.

People started to notice my weight loss too, and it gave me a big confidence boost and encouraged me to carry on. I must say I enjoyed the sachets of food, (shakes, meals, soups and bars) and I got to know my favourites.

The support I received from the Facebook members was great and helped to keep me going, plenty of great advice and motivation every day, also the Slim & Save team via facebook the website, live chat and phone. You can get all the help and information you need, and the private chat was excellent. Now I have reached my goal I feel so blessed and happy to see the change Slim & Save have made to my life. I feel so delighted with myself and pleased at how I look, I’ve gone from a size 20 down to size 14, I can’t believe the transformation the diet has made to my life.

Thanks to Slim & Save, and all those that gave me the support to carry on, I’m so grateful!