Kate Morris Weight Loss Success Story

I had tried every method of losing weight for over 20 years but to no avail, the older I got the harder it seemed to shift the excess lbs. Conventional ‘diets’ were painstakingly slow and I needed speedy, easy weight loss without excessive exercise. I researched food replacement diets and decided that slim and save offered the widest range at the best prices with the added bonus of having some protein and certain vegetables every day!

I had no regrets about ordering my sample box. A good selection of all the meals and I had a good idea of which meals I preferred. The meals were surprisingly filling and after a few days I had placed my next order.

The weight loss was just what I needed – rapid. Much more satisfying than the usual 1/2 lb a week I’d got used to.

Staying motivated wasn’t an issue. I knew I wanted to be slim and healthy more than I wanted to cheat. As I work in a school I had 6 weeks off and this was the hardest time of all, being at home constantly surrounded by food but the web forums kept me motivated.