Kerry G Weight Loss Success Story

I started Slim & Save when I was 12st 7lb, and at my heaviest, I was 13st 12lb and a size 18.

I’ve never been slim; in fact, I’ve always had lumps and bumps, even at school. At the young age of 16, I fell pregnant, which we all know is a good excuse to eat what we want. So I did. Everyone would say, “well, you are eating for two”!! So I continued.

After my baby boy was born, I looked at my body. It had stretch marks everywhere…my legs, my tummy, my back and my breasts. I became sad…because back then, depression or baby blues were not talked about. I yo-yo dieted for years. Losing a stone, gaining a stone and a half. I managed to drop to a size 14, but within no time at all, I was back up to a size 18 yet again. It was such a nightmare keeping the weight off.

A year before Covid hit, I decided I needed to do something. I felt unhealthy and fat; everything wobbled. I joined a club and lost weight. I was feeling good. Covid put a stop to that! The weight piled on again but not all of it. I was still 1st 6 lb lighter than I was, but the weight was still heading in the wrong direction.

Kelly G Before
Kerry G

It was a day in July 2021 when I first heard about Slim & Save. I had gone for a pamper session to have my brows semi-permanently tattooed. That’s when Jenny told me all about “Slim & Save”. I was looking at this beautiful therapist who had lost so much weight and looked amazing. I decided from that day on, my life was going to change. I got home, joined “Slim & Save”, and ordered my meals. At first, I found it hard. I was tired, suffered from headaches. That was just the withdrawal of coffee. But as I reached day 4, I felt great.

I really enjoyed the meals and couldn’t believe how I didn’t suffer from hunger. My treat every night after a healthy day was a bar with warm juice. The weeks passed so quickly, and the weight dropped off. Everyone commented on how well I looked. I even did some referrals to friends & family!

I was really nervous about feed week, but that passed without any problems.Going forward, I am going to follow the 5:2 plan, just to keep myself in check with my weight. But I know this time it’s different. I feel happier in myself than I ever have. I’m 56 years old and feeling good and now a healthier 10st 7lb size 14.

Kerry G