Kimberley S Weight Loss Success Story

After breaking my leg four years ago, I put the weight gain I had down to inevitable and used the excuse constantly, that I was still healing from the torn ligament as an excuse to why I didn’t exercise. Unfortunately, it did not excuse all the junk food and alcohol I was consuming.

At the start of lockdown in March, in the space of two months, I had put on over a stone and had become the heaviest I have ever been. Even my elasticated clothes were not fitting me. I always keep putting off the diet saying, oh I will try next week, or oh well I can’t go to the beach this year so why bother dieting.

Unfortunately, the kick in the bum came that I would have to go back to work, and I was mortified that people would see me with the weight gain. I decided to turn it around and use this time to lose the weight, I chose the lifestyle plan as it was really easy to follow. Three meal packs a day and one low carb meal. This not only encouraged me to cut out the junk but also all the alcohol which I feel was a big factor in my weight.

Although the packs taste nice, especially the shakes, I always looked forward to my evening meal and would take my time to plan it out, and I feel this has helped me continue to make healthy food choices. As it is low calorie, the exercise you can do needs to be low to start, so I bought a cross-trainer to do a few minutes per day, working up to 20 minutes.

Then I started going on short walks, that gradually got longer. Then my friend decided to set up a running club and invited me. At this point, I had shifted some weight and thought why not. I actually really enjoyed it, and now regularly run each week.

Over the space of 4.5 months, I had lost nearly five stone. Some weeks I would have a bit weight loss but see no change in the mirror. Other weeks the scales did not change, but my bodyweight definitely did, especially my bust and midriff. Whilst maintaining and exercising my total weight loss is now 5st 8lb’s!

One thing I would suggest people invest in is toning cream so that as you lose weight, your skin does not droop; mine is nice and tight now.

I have been maintaining now for only a week, but all the healthy lifestyle changes I have made have remained. I still run, I still try to choose low carb, I do allow treats and a few alcoholic drinks on special occasions and I am training towards my first half marathon!

I have made it to my goal weight, and now it is up to me to continue my success story and not make any excuses again for my poor health. We are the products of our own creation, and therefore only we can make the necessary lifestyle changes for our own benefits.

Kimberley S