Laura Weight Loss Success Story

I have always struggled with my weight, and with my relationship with food in general. I desperately wanted to try and do things differently but never had enough will power. I was enjoying life which involved lots of food and travel. I was working hard and relying on takeaways and generally not thinking about what I was eating. However, I just got to the point where I needed to change and do things differently.

I found Slim & Save through another group I was on facebook and a member on there who was saying she was on the diet and ultimately got pregnant due to weight loss. I researched the diet and was sceptical. I have done every diet out there and not stuck to anything. However, Slim & Save attracted me as it was all or nothing, I could see how I could make it work. I didn’t think I would make it much beyond a few stones and I felt that what I needed to lose was just too much and not achievable. I remember saying I’m never going to be skinny or a size 10 lol.

I started strictly doing Simplicity and as the weight started to come off and I developed some confidence I mixed it up with some Lifestyle days. Stone by stone I was more and more amazed and shocked that I was actually doing this and it was working. The journey was not just about weight loss. I needed to recreate my relationship with food, work on impulsive behaviours, binge eating and rediscover food again. The Beck Diet Solution was key to this.

About 8 stone into my 12 stone goal, I found I was pregnant! I was thrilled, and this would have never happened without the diet. As soon as I was allowed I restarted the plan and eventually lost the remaining 4 stone of my goal. But I found I still wasn’t happy and so extended my goal to a further stone and in October I reached 13 stone loss. Still not happy I extended my goal again to 14 stone.

I reached 14 stone lost on Friday 1st Feb. And I was finally content! I’m now a happy size 12/10 with a healthy BMI!

Slim & Save have been so supportive and have changed my life. Slim & Save will always be a part of my life. I am determined to maintain this weight as part of my maintenance plan and so will continue to use the products which I love to help keep me on the straight and narrow!! Thank you so much Slim & Save!


Slimmer Of The Year 2019

Laura has now lost an amazing 15st and has been awarded “Slimmer Of The Year 2019” See Laura’s full video interview here along with more fantastic pictures!

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