Lawrence Binnici Weight Loss Success Story

I am not much of a ‘numbers’ guy and had developed a denial relationship with the weighing scales. Now with Slim and Save I no longer approach the scales with trepidation for I now use my waist line as a benchmark. From a tight 38 inches to a comfy 36, easily achievable in two weeks with a Slim and Save plan.

All one needs to do is strictly follow the plan for at least one week and after seeing the results you will easily be motivated to follow up through the remaining two weeks. By the second week you will have to answer loads of questions from colleagues and family on how you managed to lose so much weight and by the third you will have to purchase new clothes as the old ones will actually make you look silly. I am now in the maintenance phase using the meals as a meal replacement before I sleep or whilst at my (sedentary) work to limit my calorific input during the times when I am at rest or sitting.