Linda Higgins Weight Loss Success Story

I have been asked to tell you about my weight loss journey with Slim & Save since I have maintained my weight loss for ten weeks now, and continuing to do well.

I managed to lose 2 stones in the 8 weeks whilst I was on the plan. When I came off I cannot tell you how scared I was to reintroduce carbs back into my diet. However, I was careful and even drank and ate what I wanted on my two weeks holiday abroad without ruining my hard work. On my return from my holiday I was pleased to only have 5lbs to lose which just dropped off!

I haven’t looked back since the day I reached my goal weight. Here is an example of what I now eat on a typical working day:

  • Breakfast: A banana and apple cut up with fat free yoghurt.
  • Lunch: I have a Heinz cup-a-soup and a small roll or 2 slices low carb bread, plus low fat yoghurt.
  • Dinner: Consists of meat and vegetables and occasionally a small potato, thinly sliced so it looks more on the plate!

I regularly have pasta and fish too, but have learnt to half the pasta on my plate. I drink tea throughout the day plus a full litre of water every day. I also treat myself to a glass of wine and have a Chinese every Saturday evening. However, I only have half a portion of rice and pick the chicken out of the sauce. I also have vodka and diet source mixer from Asda. (It’s same as Red Bull but cheaper!) At the weekends I have three boiled eggs and bacon for breakfast. It seems to work for me! Today I am 9 stone 1lb, when I came off Slim & Save ten weeks ago I was the exact same weight!

To all those Slim & Save friends out there, don’t be scared to come off the diet once you reach goal. But, don’t think you can go straight back and eat the same as you did before, it’s all about educating yourself and monitoring your daily food intake. I wish you all success whilst on plan and reaching your goals. And I really must say a big thank you to Slim & Save for giving me my confidence back.

Linda Higgins