Lindsay Booton Weight Loss Success Story

I have struggled with my weight all my life and have been on many different diets, I have set myself targets which I have never achieved. I was feeling at an all-time low and needed to do something about my weight, after seeing photos on Facebook of my cousin and reading about her weight loss journey I decided to message her to see how she had done it, she looked fab. She introduced me to Slim & Save.

I spent some time reading up on S&S and decided to give it a go. I set myself a three stone target and had a mindset to get to my target weight once and for all and NOT to fail yet again. The first week was hard but seeing 13lb lost in my first week spurred me on and gave me more determination to reach my goal the second week, and after that was a breeze, The meal packs are lovely and something for everyone’s taste and very reasonably priced much better than other VLCD diets.

After losing every week I quickly realised this target was fast approaching so I decided to extend the goal to 3 stone 9 lbs, and I reached my target of 3 stone 9lbs today, YAY. I’m so pleased with myself, I’m the lightest I have been for nearly 30 years, and I didn’t fail, for the first time in my life, I not only smashed one target but two.

I have so much more energy, and for the first time in a long time, I like myself. I thank each and every one of you on Facebook Slim & Sage group for the support and encouragement\’, the Slim & Save team are fabulous, I wish you all success in your weight loss journey xx.

Lindsay Booton