Lisa Tapp Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, my name is Lisa Tapp, I turned 50 this year (2017) and vowed I would lose weight, not only to look better but also to feel better and be healthier, as since I quit smoking 3 years ago the weight has just been piling on! During 2016/17 I tried various diets from Weight Watchers to Slimfast. None of them worked for me. Desperate to lose weight I went online to research the Cambridge diet as I knew I had to do something before it was too late – I was horrified as I had just got off the scales at my heaviest weight ever at 16 stone 4lbs! Even during my pregnancies I had never been this heavy!

By pure chance I came across the Slim & Save web page, and the reviews on Trust Pilot were amazing which inspired me to order a week trial pack. The flavours also sounded so good as I have a very sweet tooth! I absolutely loved the products when they arrived and lost an amazing 9lbs in my first week and 5lbs the second week. Wow I’d lost one stone in two weeks! The weight dropped off every single week without fail and I averaged between 3lbs to 4lbs a week over 18 weeks.

I stuck to the plan religiously apart from one birthday meal out with friends. Due to my working hours I’m afraid I don’t have much time for exercise (apart from walking my dogs) so I did the plan without exercise and still lost 4 stone! I drank plenty of water and always had sugar free jelly to hand in the fridge in case of hunger pangs, but to be honest I wasn’t really starving like other diets I have been on.

I am planning to stay on the plan on a 5:2 basis to keep me on track as I love the way Slim & Save fits in with my busy working lifestyle. The Admin Team have been absolutely amazing. If you have any problems or questions they are there to help via the Facebook page or private messaging on the website. My orders always arrived as expected and on time, and compared to other similar diet plans it is a very inexpensive diet to do. The more weeks you purchase the cheaper it becomes. I cannot recommend this plan highly enough and I am so pleased I came across it and gave it a try. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

I lost a total of 4 stone with 48 inches lost overall, and my BMI went from an obese 34 to a normal 25. While writing my story I’ve lost another 1Ibs this morning by the way, lol!

Thank you Slim & Save!

Lisa Tapp