Louise Hammond Weight Loss Success Story

I had always been curvy, but after having my first son at 18 my weight spiraled out of control. I barely ever stepped on the scales, but when I did it would usually prompt major blues and attempts at many many different types of diets.

My husband was and is always incredibly supportive, only ever saying “if you want to lose the weight I’ll help you, but only do it for yourself I love you anyway you look”. Consequently I used that as a continued excuse to dodge doing anything about it. There was always another “reason” to put things off, a birthday, a meal out, husband coming home from sea, being pregnant etc etc etc.

Xmas 2012, I couldn’t buy nice clothes any where and at 5ft 4 with a BMI of 41 and a size 20/22 (closer to the 22 if I am really honest), I finally made the choice that I HAD to do something about myself and decided 2013 would be the year to do it. I researched a lot of VLCD’s, I knew this had to be the way forward for me, all other plans just left to many ways to cheat.

Slim & Save came out on top for me for many many reasons, top of the list had to be cost, convenience and flexibility. I didn’t need expensive counseling sessions to tell me I love eating. I love the fact it is all sorted out online. The staff, the forum and the Facebook page have been fantastic for me, any questions have easily reconciled. I have to say that although I did have my doubts in the early days I stuck to it with fierce determination and on the whole have found it a really easy going plan. My favourite products have to be the original oatmeal and the scrummy chocolate orange truffa bar (both of which I think I will continue to have even when off plan).

So now I am at goal and couldn’t be more thrilled, I have gone from being 251 lbs with a BMI of 41 and have lost 111lbs to having a healthy BMI of 24. For the first time in my adult life I am no longer classed as being morbidly obese,my dress size has gone from a 20/22 to a 10! I I recently went out for a meal for my husbands birthday and even wore a size 8 dress.

Amazing! Thank you S&S