Lucy Smith Weight Loss Success Story

I’ve been overweight since my early twenties watching my weight slowly creep up and up. I stopped doing activities I loved and avoided situations where I felt my weight would be judged. I tried slimming world and lost a few pounds here and there but never managed to stick to it.

In June 2014 I found Slim & Save after a negative comment about my appearance spurred me into deciding I would do something about it. The first few days were hard but I quickly got into the swing of the lifestyle plan. It suited my life perfectly as I could eat a modified meal in the evening with my two children.

The weight started to fall off and by my holiday in August I had lost nearly 3 stone and had gone from a size 22 to a 16. Two weeks off plan whilst away but I came back and got straight back on until December 2014 by which point I’d lost over 5 stone. A break over Christmas where I managed to make sensible choices showed me that Slim & Save had changed my relationship with food and put me back in contr