Lyn Tivenan Weight Loss Success Story

I’ve been on most diets over the years including slimming pills in the late 1980’s. Although I lost a lot of weight on the pills they were dangerous and made me very ill.

Even when I was young and slim I hated having my photo taken but when the weight piled on it became a huge phobia for me. During the times I was heavy I would catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window and be horrified at my reflection, often not recognising the person staring back at me.

Last October when my before photo was taken I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I was on an art retreat in Scotland, and my online art friends from America (who I had met in the US in 2012) also joined me there. I felt at my lowest despite my joy at seeing them again. I had plantar fasciitis in both heels, which I now attribute to my weight, and had no confidence in myself either as an artist or person. It turned out to be two of the worst weeks of my life for reasons I am not able to say here.

In late January I was off sick from work and a close friend told me about Slim & Save. I decided to try it as I desperately needed something that gave me back some control in my life.

Once I got over the surprise of the portion sizes and discovered I could add some vegetables and slim rice to meals I was completely focused. My average loss was 2.2lbs a week but I also measured weekly and watched my shape and weight change over the weeks. I did Simplicity 100% for 38 weeks. I never felt hungry or tempted. My goal was to regain my self confidence and my love of clothes.

Now I have maintained my weight for about 3 months and feel amazing. My eating habits are changed for life and I cannot thank the team at Slim & Save and all the people on the Facebook support group enough.

Lyn Tivenan