Lynne Nyikos Weight Loss Success Story

After years of yo yo dieting, I recalled my mum being the most successful she had ever been at dieting at exactly my age and decided it was ‘now or never’. Didn’t quite know how I was going to achieve it and spent time researching all sorts of dieting to find the right one for me – a friend told me about Slim & Save and now I am so very, very grateful.

I had been made redundant, money was a bit tight and spending large amounts on diet products, to fail again, was just not an option but Slim & Save actually saved me money on my weekly shop so off I went on my journey.

I did eventually get a job but it was away from home, I was living in hotels four nights a week with no access to cooking facilities but despite this, my pure determination to get where I wanted to be got me through – shakes, bars and soups were my meals during the week and then on a weekend I had the food packs with vegetables etc.