Mandy Blake Weight Loss Success Story

Some years ago, I was put on various medications and slowly the weight started to pile on. As the illness affects my mobility (I walk with a stick), I had an excuse not to lose weight – I couldn’t do much exercise! Early last year, we moved house and had some other changes, so I started to think about weight loss especially with my 50th birthday on the horizon. At the same time, I had a check-up with my GP during which he weighed me, and I was horrified at the big numbers that appeared on the scales. A friend had told me about her success with Slim & Save, and I thought that it would be ideal for me because you don’t need to do a lot of exercise and also because if you stick to it 100%, you get very good losses.

The first week was hard – weight loss is never going to be easy – but I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did. The support from other members and staff on both the forum and the Facebook page has been amazing, and I would recommend this weight loss plan to anyone. I have now lost 5 stone 8lbs in 25 weeks on the plan and I have dropped 5 dress sizes! I still have a few pounds to lose to reach my ideal weight, but I know this won’t be a problem.

While I was on the plan, I learned about carbohydrates, calories, healthy eating, etc, and bought several healthy cookbooks so that I can make sure the weight doesn’t go back on. I also had a health check at my GP surgery and my blood pressure, cholesterol and my blood sugar are all within the normal range, so I’ll also be going into my 50s as healthy as possible.

The feeling when I go into shops and pick up sizes from near the front of the racks instead of right at the back (or ordering plus-sizes online) is absolutely fantastic and I still can’t quite believe I’ve done it. I keep checking the labels on clothes to make sure they haven’t been put on the wrong hangers! I’ve got a lovely new dress for my 50th birthday celebrations and I’ll enjoy looking back at the photographs instead of being too embarrassed to even have my picture taken.

Mandy Blake


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