Maria H Weight Loss Success Story

I started my slim and save journey as I have never been comfortable with the way I look. I have tried numerous diets over the years and endless hours in the gym/pool but nothing ever enabled me to lose the amount of weight desired!

I was introduced to the diet by my best friend (who is also on her own slim and save journey along with her mum!) who explained how nutritious the packs were and how they leave you feeling adequately full and certainly fulfilled!

I can honestly say I have never found a diet that has been as effective or as easy to stick to as the slim and save diet! I found the food packs had a massive variety and all tasted amazing! People at work even commented on how nice my lunch looked compared to theirs! I felt healthy drinking lots of water and eating all the right veg! This is a life style change for me and losing the weight has given me the motivation to keep it off!

I was extremely scared to put on the weight but after being off the diet for a week or so now I feel very confident that I will keep it off this time as the re-feeding program has shown me how. Thank you Slim & Save!

Maria H