Mark Holloway Weight Loss Success Story

I had hovered about 17 Stone for some time and decided it was time to do something. I have tried dieting before without much success.

I don’t like cooking, so wanted something straightforward. Didn’t even know this type of diet existed ! Until the BBC & ITV each featured a program on this type of diet. I thought “That’s the one for me, I can do that” and mentally I was in the right place to start.

Looked at the various companies selling this and decided on SNS as it had good reviews and was much much cheaper.

When I started, I must admit I felt awful for about four days, but after that felt ok though had read on the Facebook pages, other people had the same. So wasn’t worried. And the scales already showed the difference. Gave me more motivation to continue. I am now at target weight and am starting to use Lifestyle Plan. Weight is still coming off, very slowly, but happy that it’s being maintained.

Have I gone “Off Piste”? Yes, a handful of times but don’t beat myself up about it.

I’m very aware now of portion size and how many calories are in certain things. And how many carbs I had been eating. Clearly, they are not for me.

Since starting I have stopped taking two different blood pressure medications (On the Dr’s advice,) and its still in the normal range!

Heart rate is down (Rest rate is mid 50’s) and the Dr’s very happy, and so am I. They gave me an ECG to check all was ok… and it was, more for my peace of mind than theirs, I think.

My waist was 38″ now 32″ belly was 48″ now 33″.

And better half tells me that I don’t snore anymore … not that I did in the first place!

I feel so much better physically, long may it continue. To anyone else whos finding it tough. Persevere and tomorrow’s another day. 🙂

Mark Holloway