Mark Smithers Weight Loss Success Story

I’m Mark from Orpington and this is my Slim & Save Story. I started to gain weight from the age of twelve. I ate all the wrong foods including cakes, chocolates, biscuits and bread was my main addiction. School was never good where I suffered from bullies and didn’t have friends, because of this I became very insecure and found it hard to socialize and eating for comfort became an obsession, as did sitting in my room playing computer games all the while eating and snacking at the same time.

I had tried to diet before but found this didn’t educate me in regards to my eating habits. I did lose a little weight, but eventually put it all back on again. This cycle went on for 18 years, just eating and playing computer games. I did not go out anywhere, I was in my own little bubble.

About three years ago I became ill with an ongoing cough. The Doctor didn’t diagnose me until numerous visits and it was not until the fourth visit that I had to be sent to hospital and kept in for further investigation. My breathing was really bad and the Doctor informed me if I had not had an x-ray performed, I was bordering on pneumonia. This scared me at the time, but unfortunately once I recovered I carried on eating, just like before. My family were terribly worried about me.

This could not go on. I knew I had to take a hold of my eating pattern when one day my friend and I had a visit to Thorpe Park. I was unable to fit into one of the rides, I was just too large for the chair. This set off warning bells and I found the whole experience extremely embarrassing. Then, my mum’s best friend became very ill with Cancer. Maggie was like a member of the family, I had grown up with her since the day I was born. Unfortunately, she had terminal Cancer and was given weeks to live which devastated us all. In the Hospice, when we were all sitting round her bed, I made a vow to her and to myself that this was it. I was going to lose the weight. My mum was on Slim & Save at the time and was doing well, so I thought I would give it a go.

I ordered my first packs and have never looked back. I started at 23 stone 12 lbs, and now I am 13st 6lb. I have lost a whopping 10st 6lb’s!. I have so much energy now I go swimming, to the gym and even do boxercise. It took me a year to get where I am today. I love buying new clothes, its a great feeling to go into a shop and buy clothes that fit and look nice, and I have found a new lease of life. My confidence is good and I am socialising with people more, and may I add getting a lot more attention from the ladies, this has never happened to me!

I am so happy now I can do things I could not do before. I have so much more confidence and energy. Life is for living and thanks to Slim & Save I can do all the things I thought I would never do. Also, my mum and family are so proud of me and I know Maggie is looking down proudly too with a great big smile.

Mark S

Update – 2 Years on!

Mark has maintained his amazing weight loss, and was kind enough to share some updated photos and let us know how he is getting on here.