Marta Kaczmarek Weight Loss Success Story

I started to gain weight when I lost my job I worked in a restaurant and was running around all day with no time to think about eating. When I stopped working I spent a lot of time in my home and my fiance owns a Kebab and Pizza shop and it was so easy just to take food from there, pizza, chips, kebab and my favourite Chicken burger with lots of cheese and garlic mayo. I didnt even notice that I had started to gain weight, when I looked in the mirror I just saw the same old Marta. As my mom lives in Poland and me in England, I always speak to her on skype and she was always telling me that I was gaining weight but I kept saying no no Im the same as always something is wrong with your camera.

In December we invited my parents from Poland and my Fiance’s parents from Turkey to visit us as we wanted to get engaged at Christmas time and have a special meal. My dad was always a person who didnt comment on my weight or how I look, but when he arrived in England we all went out for a beer and pizza and he sat me down and said “Marta what have you done with yourself? Its starting to be dangerous to your health because you have put on a lot of weight” again I denied it and just wanted to hide this from myself. Christmas day came and I was preparing myself for the special meal and I noticed all of the dresses I had bought were too small for me and my mom told me to open my present as she had bought me a special stretchy dress for this occasion as she knew I had put weight on and she didnt want to hurt my feelings by bringing a dress and it being too small. Moms always know these things and she knew I was denying my weight gain and blind to what was in the mirror. I tried this dress on and wore it for the meal and I felt really good in it, but when my Dad showed me the photos of the meal the next day I couldnt believe this fat cow in the photo was me i thought someone had used photoshop as my family like to play jokes on each other. Dad then started to talk to me again, that now I was engaged he wanted me to be the most beautiful bride so people will be jealous that he has a very beautiful girl. Another thing he said was that if I wanted to have children later on I must sort out my weight and lose some as it can be dangerous to be pregnant and obese. Of course all daddy’s want the best for their Daughters! But still I didnt want to listen that I was fat!

I took my Mom and Dad to the airport and I started thinking I really have to do something about this they cant all be lying? , I started by weighing myself and couldnt believe that I weighed 95.7kg and at 165cm this is far too heavy. I had never EVER been this weight in my life and it suddenly dawned on me how much I had gained, my dad is 100kg and 187cm tall, there was only a few kilos different and FINALLY it clicked that I had a weight problem.

My Sister in Law came to me and told me that she had just done really well on the Slim and Save plan. I started to think that this is my time I can start to lose weight, I liked the sound of the plan and the variety of food that I saw on the site. So I ordered my first weeks food, i was excited and a little nervous but I soon got into the swing of things. The first two weeks was very hard for me, I was crying and shouting, craving all the foods that I had been eating before without thinking, but I had my sister in law here to help me and I got through this and in the two weeks I had fantsatic results and was over the moon it made all that hard work worth it. I was so motivated after this first weigh in that I just wanted to carry on and get to a weight that I was happy with, which is now.

This programme and my weight loss is amazing to me as half the time I dont feel like I am missing out and I certainly don’t crave the foods that I ate before. Now I actually appreciate food and my sense of smell has increased and makes me so grateful for everything. I not only look great now I feel so healthy and have lots of energy I can do things now that were a big effort before.

I want to thank my sister in law that she found Slim and Save because I have tried so many diets before and this is the only one that has really helped me get to where I want to be and in such a short time frame. I want to let everyone reading this story know that if I can do this they can too!!! My advice would be to get the best results from this plan you have to follow it to the letter, I have seen many people try it after seeing me doing it and they have cheated and not got the results they wanted, they tell themselves that eating a little of what they like wont hurt but really it does matter and it can really affect your success with this plan. The point of this diet for me is to control your appetite and your mental hunger, and to learn to listen to what your body wants rather than what your head or eyes want.

Marta Kaczmarek