Mirae Dixon Weight Loss Success Story

My journey originally started in 2011 with another well-known VLCD where I managed to lose four stone for my best friends wedding in Cyprus. I was her Maid of Honour and I didn’t want to look huge in the wedding photos. Shortly after the wedding my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she passed away in 2012. My weight started to pile back on as I tried to come to terms with losing her, this was when I came across Slim & Save.

I had more restarts than I can even count, as I kept finding excuses why I shouldn’t do this, but finally got my act together and was eventually on my weight loss journey… again!

However, in 2014 my mum came to me saying she thought something was wrong with her. She was having trouble speaking, she knew what she wanted to say but was unable to get the words out. After lots of tests at the hospital she was diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to her brain, liver and kidneys. Within 12 weeks of diagnosis she passed away at home, with me by her side. During this period I was also made redundant at work so my diet completely went out the window. The four stone I’d originally lost went back on along with some extra, plus more!! I didn’t really care about myself for a long time.

So, five years on, I decided that I couldn’t keep using my mums death as an excuse to eat what I wanted. I felt horrendous; I was getting out of breath and generally feeling like I had no energy at all. I made a decision that this would be the final time I tried Slim & Save, and if I failed this time I would give up for good. I didn’t really want to fail so decided to put myself in a position where failure was not going to be an option!

I’m mad about cats, big and small. I have 10 at home, eight Maine Coons and two moggies. I’m also passionate about big cat conservation and do what I can to support The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, so I decided to lose weight and raise money for them at the same time.

I asked people to pledge an amount of money only to be payable if I reached my goal of seven stone in seven months. I told them what I was doing and provided monthly updates which they posted on their Facebook page. Whenever I was struggling, or thought I just couldn’t do this, I remembered my reasons for starting and it was enough to keep me going. Plus, everyone at the sanctuary gave me so much support and encouragement, it really kept me motivated. I was over the moon when I reached my target on 28th August 2019 and I managed to raise an amazing total of £1400.00 for The Big Cat Sanctuary that I presented to them on Saturday 7th September.

I still have more to lose so I am continuing my journey for a little while longer; until I fit into a dress I bought last Christmas. Back then I was a size 18/20, the dress is a size 10…I am now a 12 so confident I will fit into it. I just hope I still like it!!

Thank you Slim & Save for making this possible for me and enabling me to raise money for such an important cause close to my heart.

Mirae Dixon