Peter B Weight Loss Success Story

It is my pleasure to tell my Slim & Save story. I have been on this diet before and lost over two stone. I kept up my health and weight loss after. Then life turned 0for the best and worst at the same time. I met my gorgeous wife Mel, and life was good; we were planning to get married.

We were out eating and drinking a lot etc. Slowly, the weight went back on. Then suddenly, my mum passed away of cancer within weeks of finding out she had it. Then I really started eating lots. Food has always been my go-to place of safety. I put on a lot of weight, and to be honest, I didn’t care. I was organising a wedding and a funeral simultaneously, and my mental health was not good.

Well, we got married and we kept eating. My wife and I were both very heavy by this time. So we decided to make significant changes. We moved from my home town in Kent back to Mel’s home town in Colchester. A whole new life, new job, new house, new friends, everything! This is just what I needed to kick me back into the world.

We found out my stepdaughter was pregnant, and my son is getting married as well. I did not want to be a heavy, unhealthy grandfather. So I got back onto Slim & Save and stuck with it. Nothing was going to change my mind. Now five months later, I have lost all this weight. I feel great; my confidence is good again. I am settling into a new life. With big family things on the way, I am exercising every day now and only healthy food. My wife has lost a lot as well, nearly eight stone between us. The one thing I will say is you have to be in the right frame of mind to do this.

Temptation is everywhere. Things in your life will always be there too male you think about aha your doing. STICK WITH IT!! The results speak for themselves. And stay on top of your weight and health when you have finished the plan. Good luck to all of you on your programmes. Keep it up to do it got you.

God bless, Pete