Rachael G Weight Loss Success Story

Having battled with my weight since the age of 18, I have had major lows and major highs. In the summer of 2009 I had got to goal on another meal replacement system but then moved to Scotland and completely lost the plot and put the whole lot back on plus more. I then spent 3 years going round in circles on a “conventional diet” only to then put everything I had lost back on and more due to illness, (there is a theme here lol). By April of 2014 I knew the time had come for drastic action once again. I was 42 and a stroke “waiting to happen”. My back was a mess after 20 years of nursing, my knees screamed every time I even looked at stairs and I was petrified of diabetes, but I couldn’t stop putting stuff in my mouth! The wake up call came at my twins 7th birthday when I was the unhealthiest I’d been for a long long time.

I knew I couldn’t afford to do the replacement system I’d done previously as money was much tighter but I also knew I could do that sort of plan mentally so I started researching alternatives and literally stumbled across Slim and Save thanks to Google. I read every inch of the page including the success stories but before committing myself tried a week of Slim Fast to make sure I really was up to it mentally. In April 2014 I placed my first order then went on the Easter holidays and you guessed it, gained even more weight before I started the journey at the beginning of May weighing 17st 9.5lb, not my heaviest ever weight but not far off it!

My first Target was to lose 3st in 12 weeks before we took the twins on their first foreign holiday in July. Was is easy? NO! Did I make it? YES! For those 12 weeks I followed the Simplicity Plan to the letter. I logged everything that passed my lips and every ounce and inch that came off my body, and by the time we went away I had lost 3st 3.5lb and 26inchs from my fattest bits. I wasn’t slim yet but I was on my way!

Did I gain weight on my holiday? Yep, but that’s ok! Throughout the 10 months it took me to get to my goal of 12st I had 5 planned breaks for holidays and Christmas and I had significant gains on each one of them but my determination to get goal got me straight back onto plan every time I came home.

On Mothers Day 2015 I reached my goal and can honestly say it was the best present I could ever have given myself and my children. I literally am a new women and I have a very happy husband not just because I look so much better (he loves me whatever I weigh) but because I am so much healthier.

Was is easy? NO. Was it worth it? OH YES!

There have been days when I thought I would never make it and days that have been a doddle. I’ve not gone straight from the start to the end of my journey I have most definitely taken the scenic route. Its been the cross country rather than the sprint but to be honest I don’t think I would have made it without those planned breaks to focus on as the next goal.

The things that have kept me going are telling myself its “just one day” on the hard days and celebrating my success on the good days but my absolute saviour was finding the Slim and Save facebook page! The support I have gained through that page has been immense both from the folks on plan and the Slim and Save staff who are truly amazing. I’ve not been a prolific poster but I don’t go a day without reading peoples highs and lows and offering support and encouragement where I can and I have made some amazing friends along the way.

So I got to Goal! Am I skinny? NOPE I’m a size 14, curvaceous and happy!

I’ll be completely honest and say maintenance is not easy and I’m still figuring out what works for me and battling some of my old demons, particularly the cake monster!

I will not allow the weight to creep back up, I have come too far and worked too hard and my poor wardrobe is groaning under the strain of all my new clothes! I’m off to France in two weeks and for the first time ever I am dieting before a holiday rather than after lol! I am back on Plan for a month to get “Below Goal” and give myself a boost. I have no idea what I weigh today as I have a pact with one of my S&S buddies not to weigh for the whole of June but I know its coming off as my trousers are falling down!

Every morning I get my knickers out of the drawer and think “flipping heck have they shrunk in the wash”, then I laugh as they slide on easily! Thank you S&S for changing my life every one of those hard days when I thought I couldn’t do it was SO WORTH IT!

And for those of you reading this and preparing your excuses just like I would have done; I have an underactive Thyroid, PCOS and clinical depression, I’m also very lazy so do very little exercise, so if I can do it so can you!

Watch out Euro Disney I am coming to get you!

Rachael G