Rachael Gregory Weight Loss Success Story

I have been struggling on and off for a long long time well since I had my first child who is nearly 18 I now have four the youngest is 11. I have tried Weight watchers, slimming world, and super slim i seem to be able to lose a small amount of weight but it never seems to stay off.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago which is a chronic disorder characterised by wide spread muscle pain, fatigue and tenderness in localized areas. It finally came to a point in my life I was getting bigger and bigger and I had gone to an amusement park with my sister and our children, i sat in a ride and the attendant had to force the bars over my fat so of course I was very uncomfortable throughout the ride. I thought enough is enough!

I waited till the children had gone back to school after the summer holidays and order my first months supply, I found the diet very easy and loved it, I wanted to get food out of the equation so I did the four packs a day and lost 8lbs in the first week, by the beginning of December I had lost 3 stone, I had party’s and of course Christmas so I changed to 3 packs a day and low carb evening meal. I carried on loosing weight but at a slower rate but by the new year I had lost another stone. Over the next few months I lost another couple of stone I finally got to my goal weight of 11 stone 4lb and did refeed over the next month I gained a stone so last week I decided to start again on 3 packs a day and a no carb evening meal so far I have lost 10lb in 10 days.

I haven’t yet decided how much more I want to lose some people tell me not to loose anymore and some say do what feels right, but to get to my healthy bmi I would need to loose another 1 and half stone. But I know one thing I will never ever be that big again. I want to be slim and healthy for my children and in the future grandchildren.

Rachael Gregory