Rachel Jacobs Weight Loss Success Story

Struggling to button up my size 22 work trousers I text my partner to moan about shrinking them in the drier. I was in denial about my size until at my asthma review the nurse asked to weigh me. Id been getting out of breath doing very little and much to my horror the scales hit almost 17st… 4st heavier than my 6ft1 partner! I felt crushed and for the next year I exercised daily and ate a healthy diet.

The weight started to drop off but then it stopped. I felt frustrated and angry. Id tried so hard and I was getting no where. I upped my exercise and cut back even more on my food. I was starving and tired constantly. Then I came across slim and save. The reviews were amazing and the main thing I loved the idea of was not being hungry.

The first few days werent fun but they werent as bad as I thought they would be. After the first week I had a dramatic loss and I was very happy and focused. I wasnt hungry and the fact that I could have a low carb meal meant it fit in with my family life too. I’m currently taking a break from slim and save to see if I’m happy with the weight I am now or if I want to lose more.

I have only gained 3lb since refeeding but all the reason for this is explained in your welcome pack so it wasnt a shock at all.

Rachel Jacobs