Razvan DG Weight Loss Success Story

Since I quit smoking in 2007, I gained a lot of weight. At one point, I was over 112kg. I knew that I had to lose weight, but nothing worked, and I was never keen to do a diet as I love food.

One day I was chatting with a work colleague and saw that pack from Slim&Save on his desk, and I asked him about it. He told me everything about the keto diet.

My wife also wanted to lose the weight she gained after two pregnancies, and when I told her about Slim&Save, she ordered and done it for one month in June 2020 and lost 10kg. I was so impressed that I said I have to do it. It took me a few months to really convince myself, and after the autumn half term, I started.

I done five weeks first and then refed and stopped for Christmas. I lost 16kg at this time; I was over the moon. I did put on a bit of weight over Christmas. I then started again after Christmas for four weeks plus refed and lost 12.8kg. I feel fantastic: I can exercise, I can do press-ups, abdomens. It’s just unbelievable.

In total, I went from 109kg to 83.9kg, a total loss of 25kg. I believe that my success in losing all this weight is that I strictly stuck to the plan: no fizzy drinks, no extras, just my morning coffee with 50ml of skimmed milk and only peppermint tea throughout. Other than that, just the Slim&Save packs and water.

Now I just maintain my exercises every day, cycle to work 10 miles a day and only eat normal food portions. This diet has changed the way I look at my eating habits and my fitness.

I have to say that if you are reading this, you have to try the diet. You have nothing to lose but weight, and you have all the support from the team and members at Slim&Save. They are all fantastic! Good luck!

Razvan DG