Rhoda Treagust Weight Loss Success Story

I have been on many diets over the years. I lost 4 stone with Slimming World several years ago and then got bored with it and was just using it more as a social outing and I noticed I was starting to gain weight so I thought I would jump to Weight Watchers. I did that for a year and by the time the year was up I had gained a stone! It was my own fault as I just wasn’t committed enough. I then jumped back to Slimming World for several months and realised I just couldn’t get into the zone again.

My sister had been diagnosed with diabetes and our mother had it too I then though I am going to be next! But that didn’t give me the push I needed.

I went out clothes shopping which I absolutely hated doing but my clothes were getting too snug! I had to buy a larger size back into a 22/24. I bought a few items, came home and cried my eyes out. A few days later at work and still feeling sorry for myself , I was talking to a co-worker and she mentioned Slim and Save and she said just Google it. I love Google!! This was on a Friday evening so when I got home from work that’s exactly what I did. I read up all about it over the weekend. I thought about what it costs me for food on a weekly basis and what I threw in the garbage because I live alone and I thought I’m sure I can save money by doing this! So I jumped on the Facebook page sent a few messages watched a bit of the conversations and thought what have I got to lose! I then went and ordered the sample pack for Simplicity Plan and it arrived a few days later and I started it the very next day, September 29 2015, at 14 stone 10 size 22/24 and now 6 months later I’m down 4 stone and in size 14/16 and have lost 56 1/2 inches and feel fantastic! I switched between Simplicity and Lifestyle for a variety. I’m also 63 years old. So you can teach an old dog new tricks! The one thing I can say is make sure your totally committed to getting rid of the weight once and for all, stay focused, follow the plans 100%, drink all the recommended water and you can and will do it!

The older you get the harder it is to lose weight and I feel this is by far the best program I’ve ever come across! I can’t thank you enough Slim and Save and all the wonderful supportive staff for all your help.

Rhoda Treagust