Russell D Weight Loss Success Story

I started Slim and Save accidentally. My wife was on it, and I knew that she found it difficult being on plan and feeding everyone else, so I thought I would support her and give it a go for a week or two.

It was the beginning of July, and we were due to go on holiday at the end of the month, losing a bit of weight before then wouldn’t hurt. So I weighed myself. HOW MUCH!! Years of shift work and taking health and fitness for granted had taken their toll. I didn’t have many expectations as I thought I would be too hungry on this plan, and I was worried about what people would say at work.

I started on simplicity. I have never really understood food groups, carbs, proteins etc as no matter what meal I had, it would be wrong in one way or another. Slim & Save was simple. Set my meal times, pick a packet and off you go. The packs were quite nice too.