Sarah T Weight Loss Success Story

I started my slim and save journey in June 2019, after my 13th wedding anniversary, after struggling to find anything to wear as my size 22s were too tight! I was in absolute denial over my weight and had been avoiding the scales, imagine my horror when I topped the scales at 19st 4lb (270lb), with a BMI of 39. I was officially obese and putting myself at risk of a heart attack, stroke or type 2 diabetes. I had to get healthy for my husband and my teenage boys, my Dad had died of a heart attack at 50 and I couldn’t continue to put myself at risk…..this became my ‘why’ and kept me focused and motivated throughout my journey.

My weight loss journey hasn’t always been straightforward. I struggled throughout the lockdowns and had to dig deep and build a positive mindset to keep going with my journey. When I faltered, I remembered my why and how far I’d come and told myself I could go further. I kept going, even when my weight loss slowed down due to being perimenopausal.