Sarah Watkins Weight Loss Success Story

As my hubby was going away for 5 weeks in June I decided I wanted to lose a stone whilst he was away. I googled Vlcd as I had done one 6 yrs ago and Slim and Save came up. After reading fantastic reviews and checking out all of the meal products available I decided to try the starter box. It really appealed to me as there is such a range of replacements but also the fact that I could have vegetables and milk and even a protein meal to be able to sit with my family to eat.

I easily settled into the plan and lost a stone within the first two weeks, so easy that even when my hubby came back I just carried on with the plan. I’m now only 2lbs away from having a healthy bmi and am at the lowest weight I can ever remember all my adult life and even teenage years. I turned 40 last year and I wasn’t too bothered about being fat at 40 but really wanted to be fit, slimmer