Sean F Weight Loss Success Story

In April 2015, after years of piling on the stones through a sedentary lifestyle and no exercise, I peaked at 30 stone 2lbs and my health had started to suffer. I was breathless all the time and found that I was starting to experience a lot of pain in my legs. When I visited the doctor I was told I had arthritis and that my hip had become so badly damaged that I needed a Hip Replacement. I then received an appointment to speak with the Surgeon who told me that because of my weight there was nothing they could do. The pain had became so bad that I made the decision that I must change my life style and lose the weight. I told the Surgeon that I would lose 15 stone in a year and I would be back for the surgery. He promised me that if I lost my excess weight, he would arrange for my operation straight away but he also said it was a big ask on my part to lose half my body weight in a year.

I researched various diets online and revisited the usual, popular, weight loss organisations but I had tried them all before and had not achieved any noticeable losses. I was searching the Internet one night and came across Slim & Save. I read all of the information and it sounded great – something I could really get into and lose the weight I wanted, within the time scale I had set.

I ordered the 7 Day Trial pack and started my journey. I found it really easy to follow, first I started on the Simplicity plan with five packs and drinking up to 5 litres of water a day and within a very short space of time I had lost almost 2 stone! This gave me a real boost of confidence and encouraged me to continue.

I decided I would switch over onto the Lifestyle plan as I was in this for the long run and wanted to ensure I didn’t get bored or crave food.

I had four packs a day and a small salad with meat, fish or cheese and the weight still came off really quickly. I started to experiment with some of the packs making them into cakes and pancakes and I also started to look at the recipes online with Slim & Save and experiment with the ideas. I especially enjoyed the cauliflower rice based pizza and cheese burger and chips made with meat free burgers and Portobello Mushrooms to replace the rolls and for the chips we invested in an air fryer and cooked sliced swede, cleric or butter nut squash.

After a few weeks on my journey, my Wife joined me and she also started to lose weight quickly (she lost over 5 stone by December 2015). I have to admit, with both of us on the diet, it was a lot easier not to cheat because we were both eating the same things and we didn’t have any “bad” food in the house to cheat with. I also found that chatting online to other slimmers and to Slim & Save staff each night a great help, especially when I was unsure whether a product could be used or not.

Eleven months later, I had shrunk to 16 stone 9lbs and I decided it was time to approach the Surgeon again to see if I was now able to have the operation. I was on two crutches and finding it difficult to walk any distance despite my huge weight loss and the most powerful pain killers the doctor could prescribe. To my surprise the Surgeon was extremely pleased that I had lost the weight in such a short space of time (over 13 stone in eleven months). Everything happened very quickly that day! Before I knew it, I was whisked into the Pre-Op Assessment and being told that within the next 8 weeks, I would be on the table to have my hip replaced!

This is where my journey has led me to so far, I now need to build up my carbohydrate levels before the operation so I have had to come off my diet. But I am still determined, as soon as my 12 weeks of recuperation and healing are over, I will be back on this diet to complete my goal of reaching 15 stone.

This diet has simply been the best for me personally. I have enjoyed every minute. The shakes are great with a wide variety of flavours, the meals are really enjoyable with my favourites being the Chilli and Spaghetti Bolognese with Peppers and there is nothing better that ending the day with a Crispy Caramel bar.

That is my story so far but…. I WILL BE BACK!!

Sean F