Simon H Weight Loss Success Story

Mr H started using Slim & Save in March of this year. For one month he used Slim & Save VLCD meals, shakes, soups & bars exclusively; before a few months supplementing Slim & Save with sensible ‘ordinary’ meals.

The problem was he had planned fourteen days climbing in the Nierra Nevada Mountains of southern Spain in the middle of this program to get fit and lose weight. Should he forget his diet for that time?

He decided to pack a range of Slim & Save meals in his rucksac, confident they’d make sure he’d be getting the vitamins & minerals his body needed to get to the top of the highest peaks.

He’s now back home, thrilled that he’s not only lost well over four stones over a few months, but having climbed at his best and got to the top of Spain’s highest mountain, over three times the height of Snowdon!

Slim & Save is a brilliant meal-replacement scheme for a man determined not just to lose some weight through diet, but also through sensible exercise.

Simon H